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The Rules: 🏆 Two Challenges and Two Ways to Win this June for our 6 voracious readers as #thehungryreadersgames Challengers this #Summer2020! 🏆🏹

Competition 1 – Power Reader Challenge:

Who will read the most books this month??? 📚🥰📚

1 pt. will be awarded for novels (200+ pages!) 📚📚

0.5 pts. for novellas (199 pages or less!) 📚

Competition 2: Bonus Points Challenge – #HungerGames style! 😱🙈😱

Ways Our Challengers Can Earn Bonus Points:

✔️ Read an ARC a week (up to 3 max per week) = Accept 1 Bonus Point or Go to GamesMistress @LauraHeffernanBooks & Dice Roll for 0 – 5 Bonus Points! 😮

✔️ Write a Review a Week = 5 Bonus Points 😍

✔️ Write a Blog or IG Book Post a week = 3 Bonus Points. Keep them, or Go to the GamesMistress & Roll for Double or Nothing! 🤔

✔️ Gain Lifelines –> Every 15 new Followers = 5 Bonus Points 🤩

Readers – Become a #Lifeline! Share the #hungryreadersgames2020 Challenge and get your friends to follow your favorite Champion(s)!!! 🤩 For every 15 new Followers our Champions get on IG or FB, they will get 5 Bonus Points. Our Challengers will need them for the upcoming Surprise Challenges! 😲 Leave a comment if you’ve spread the word about # theHungryReadersGames or #hungryreaders2020 on Social Media for a special shout out as a Top Sharer! 🥰📚🥰

✔️ Gain Sponsors –> Every 5 Sponsors = 1 Bonus Points

📖 #Romance #Authors 📖 – Need a review? Become a Sponsor today and support one or more of these 6 voracious readers! Have an ARC? Or a past book that needs a little #ReviewLove? Contact one, two, or all of our Challengers! (For more details, contact @chicklitshop.) 📖


🏹🏆 Finally, it can’t be #thehungryreadersgames2020 without some ways to LOSE ALL THESE HARD EARNED BONUS POINTS…Stay tuned & watch what happens!!! 🏆🏹


🏆#MayTheOddsBeEverInYourFavor! 🏆

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So …

Yeah, not great. Not great at all. Hmmm ….

Another week where, yes, I’ve really no excuse. The Instagram thing has been a non runner for me, every time I’m on I feel the urge to head to Twitter instead and get sidetracked. As a result my promotion has been horrendous, and given next week is my last week I need to cop on.

I did not get the kindle app but have made piece with that- I cant get space at the mo.

And on the reading front I’ve read half of one book- Sunshine and Second Chances by Kim Nash 238 pages

And 2 other books

Poll Dancer by the brilliant Laura Heffernan (excellent and definitely a 5🏅read)-a sharp, bright, stunning, romantic story about a pole dancer who runs for politics 182 pages

Just Friends by Lucy Keeling- no review up yet for this and it’ll be Tuesday unfortunately before I do, but a big recommendation for this for people who love books with a group of friends trying to plan a wedding 273 pages

My book of the week was poll dancer

Given all of this, this week I am going to roll the dice 🎲 (shuts eyes really tight😉)

Happy reading everyone and

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Hi I'm Berni and I live in the Midlands of Ireland with my brilliantly out there husband, four great little men and four cats! I write sunshiny, feel good romantic comedies and chick lit. You may have come here expecting a book blog. Hopefully you won't mind joining me for various musings on my rom com and chick lit books and series. There'll still be some reviews of course, and you can always look over the hundreds I've blogged about over the years. See you inside!

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