Mine by Suzi Fox


Length: 352 pages

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What they say: You wake up alone after an emergency caesarean, desperate to see your child. And when you are shown the small infant in the nursery, a terrible thought takes root: this baby is not your baby.

No one believes you. Not the nurses, your father or even your own husband. They say you’re confused and delusional. Dangerous.

But you’re a doctor – you know how easily mistakes can be made. It’s up to you to find your real child, your miracle baby, before it’s too late.

With everyone against you, is it safe to trust your instincts? Or are memories from your past clouding your judgement? This can’t all be in your head . . . can it?

The Review: Oh my wowzers what a book (yes, this is kind of a flurry of gushy reviews, and there’s still a fair few to come,  sorry about that!)!

This is the story of Dr Sasha Moloney, who wakes up after an emergency cesarean to find her baby gone . Only (phew) he’s in the nursery so wait a minute we’ll bring you up. So she waits and waits and already you know know know that this book is one that has you so hooked that your poor stomach will not be able to unclench until it’s fully over.

When Dr Moloney finally meets her child she’s shocked at how sure she is that the child isn’t hers. From the start I was rooting for Sasha, and indignant that, as expected, she was being told that she just wasn’t bonding. When this didn’t settle with her there were hints that her own mother had issues and we soon began to wonder where exactly her mother was (actually this part for me was as important as the baby, as I worried over where she might be now and wondered what it had to do with Mark and Sasha).

I was fully ready to fight for Sasha but then every so often the author expertly made you   wonder about her, perhaps it was this all in her head. There was a chance people were just trying to do the right thing for her by keeping her away from other mothers and babies by putting her in the basement with some other mothers who may have believed her but who had their own issues (one in particular broke my heart, I adored her but got that sinking feeling every time she sided with Sasha).

This book is made up of alternating timelines, with her husband Mark’s story being told (I had my ups and downs with him let me tell you!!), as well as getting said insight into Sasha’s mother.

The entire cast of characters were real and flawed, with actions that were perhaps warranted in places, not in others in terms of their perceived cruelty, i.e. you couldn’t tell when it was cruel to be kind or when it was just that the job/ issues had hardened them. As for pacing there was always something to make you sit up straighter, and I savoured the race to the point where all would be unearthed and we came to the ‘is she crazy or not’ point. All in all one I will be recommending and remembering for some time to come!

Thanks so much to Penguin and Netgalley for this book in return for an honest review.

Rating: 5/5

6 thoughts on “Mine by Suzi Fox

    • It really was-edge of the seat doesn’t even cover it, I could have fallen off and sat on the ground and never gotten up whilst still reading-that’s how invested I was!!!;)


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